I’m happy to announce that I just completed the Holiday Design Challenge for Del Mar Fans. As you remember, I chose to decorate the entryway of a family member’s home and it was so much fun!
I was so excited when I unwrapped the Murray Feiss Modello table lamp sent to me by Del Mar. It’s festive, and it instantly brightened up the dark wood door and table.
The style of the home is traditional, so I chose to keep the elements classic, but punch it up a notch with a blue, white and metallic color scheme. ResourcesTurquoise Blue Shiny Ball Ornaments •  Silver Mesh RibbonSilver Trim Wire Ribbon • Florals
To complement the table lamp, I refinished a wood side chair using Rust-Oleum® Satin Enamel Spray Paint in Shell White.
Using medium (80-100) grit sandpaper, I gave the chair a good rub down to remove the finish and prepare it for the paint. I suggest using a spray grip to ensure that your coats are even. Plus, you won’t have a sore finger from pressing down on the paint can trigger.
Here’s a quick DIY that anyone can do. Purchase gift bags and turn them into instant art! Two little girls live at this house, and I wanted to add a youthful touch. I found these two cute bags with holiday illustrations on them for $1.99 each.
Carefully trim the edges off and use a cutting knife to remove the handles. Slide them into pre-matted picture frames and presto! Holiday art.

Thanks so much to Del Mar for including me in the Style Challenge. Since I’m in the process of moving, this gave me the holiday decorating fix that I needed. =) Be sure to head on over to their Bright Ideas Blog and check out the entryways of the other bloggers participating.

*This post is sponsored by Del Mar Fans & Lighting. Opinions are my own.

My New Space

I’m a bit of a nomad. I move around a lot, so much that I’m sure it worries my family. Whether it’s to a new city or new apartment, I love a new adventure and a fresh start. It might be the designer in me, in that I get bored with my space after a while and I live to create a new design scheme that inspires me even more than the last. Well, it has happened again. I’m moving! But, I have decided this is my last move, before I settle down, purchase a home and finally put down roots. Well, unless I land a job in Paris or Berlin, and then all bets are off the table! But, this is going to be fun. A new flat, new furniture and a new look. Yippee!
Check out my new digs. It’s still under construction but it’s looking pretty good! I’m beyond excited about the barn door. I like the raw, unfinished look, but wouldn’t adding leather strips to cover it like this door here be awesome?
With apartment living in Texas, unfortunately you don’t have control over the paint color scheme. If I could have my way, I would paint the entire space BM 2121-70 Chantilly Lace, but the reality is really not that bad. I like the Agreeable Gray, it’s bright and neutral and still should complement my furniture ideas. Once I’m in the space, and can view the light at different times of the day, a Benjamin Moore white may still end up on the walls. Shhh, don’t tell!

I will be purging a lot! I actually like the process of moving. It’s an opportunity to get rid of all the unneeded junk, paper, clothing and random things that pile up over time. My ultimate goal is to only live with what I really need and for the placement of my decor to look intentional, and not haphazardly decorated. Here are a few spaces that are inspiring my decor.
Source: Interior 1, Interior 2, Interior 3

Next week I’ll be sharing my design plan for this new space. I’m still tweaking it, and searching for the perfect pieces. I want to invest in great designs that I’ll have for a long, long time. If you come across anything amazing, vintage, modern, boho chic, graphic prints, art…please share! Send me a pin or comment below. I’m on the hunt! Xo

Shop Love: Hem

hem2 hem3
If you’re looking for unique modern designs, hem.com offers an array of beautifully designed furniture and accessories. The mission of the company is to make design easy by producing high-quality, original products that are more affordable and attainable. What I love most about the company is the high regard they hold for the talented designers they partner with. Visit here for profiles on each designer.

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