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Just because it’s a piece of art doesn’t mean it has to be loaded with important references. What if it’s just pretty? And looks good with my sofa? One of my professors at NYU had a few words for the art he didn’t like, “it’s not art, it’s interior decorating.” But there is nothing wrong with that! If it’s important to you and happens to looks good with the upholstery in the room, that’s all the meaning it needs.

Last week’s Design Sponge podcast featured the artist, Zoë Pawlak. She began her career doing commissioned works for interior designers in order to make a living. This piece reminds me of agate, and like the mineral, this artwork would bring a pop of color to any room.
This painting, also by Zoë Pawlak, amps up an otherwise traditional interior.
The art definitely makes the room, wouldn’t you agree?
A bedroom that is much more serene, thanks to one of Pawlak’s sublime landscapes. It must have also been a commission, as it fits the wall perfectly.
Every Forgiveness Bends is my current favorite and it would look fantastic above my new sofa. Though $4,800 is a totally fair price for an original piece measuring 40″ x 60″, it is a purchase that will have to wait. For others that don’t have hundreds (or thousands) to spend, she will be selling drawings for the budget conscious collectors. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for those!
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Here are a few other great sources for affordable art:
(in New York City)

Design Trends: All About Agate!

When it comes to design trends, I’m not one to rearrange my life to accommodate the newest look. However, when it’s a style that I already like, I’m ecstatic. Reasons being, there is more of it available and I’ll automatically become much more hip. Right now, there is a rock and mineral theme that’s making it’s way on to store shelves and yes, I’m overjoyed.

Decorative Tie Backs – get the DIY here
For those who like to bring bright hues into a room via textiles and objects, agate adds that bit of color, naturally.
Marble Print Pillow • West Elm
Luce Agate Lamp • Rablabs
Get ready for the holiday entertaining with some of these lovely objects below.
Clockwise from top:
Agate Ornaments • West Elm
Brazilian Agate Bookends • The Evolution Store
Agate Cheese Sets • Uncommon Goods
Garra Bottle Stoppers • Rablabs

SHOP LOVE: White Faux Taxidermy

Sure, I love the look of animal heads as wall décor, but it can a bit be creepy, expensive and sort of overwhelming. Which is why I am so glad to have found White Faux Taxidermy! WFT allows you to have your wall ornaments but in poppy colors. They’re super affordable and since they’re made of resin, you’ll have a good conscience to boot! All of the pieces are available in different sizes. Just allow a few weeks for delivery, as every piece is made to order.  

Here are a few of my favorites:
Hey giraffe! Cute enough for a kids’ room, chic enough for a grown-up room.
Of course this could never be real taxidermy but a it’s cool idea. A T-Rex in ‘caution orange’ is totally unexpected, and this could also be an added element to any home security system.
A lovely gold shark, to go with all of the brass that’s available now.
What a great version of a venison!
Enjoy! ~ and visit WFT‘s website!

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