Classic White Subway Tiles Four Ways

I absolutely love classic subway tiles. The 3″x6″ white tiles are timeless and give a clean look to any room. If you’re looking to jazz the tiles up a bit, think out the box with different patterns and arrangements.

1. Stacked – This linear pattern gives a more modern feel to a space.

2. Running Bond – The classic brick pattern never gets old, but give it even more pizzazz with dark grout.

3. Herringbone – This pattern adds movement and becomes an instant work of art. Perfect for a backsplash or even a shower.

4. Custom Running Bond – Take the running bond pattern to the next level by creating a custom layout. The 90 degree turn on each row gives the wall a very cool effect.

4 New Books On My Shopping List


1. The Kitchn Cookbook – Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy’s cooking site, The Kitchn, has been the go-to site for foodies since 2005. Being a serious home cook myself, I’m looking forward to adding this to my growing cookbook collection. The book features 150 recipes, plus tips and techniques for the kitchen.

2. Elements of Style – Erin Gates
If you’re an interiors junkie like me, then you’re probably very familiar with Erin’s blog, Elements of Style. Her book is an extension of her blog and offers advice, inspiration, ideas, and lessons on decorating a home that reflects your personality. I’ve heard great things so far and I’m looking forward to grabbing my copy this weekend. Something unique about this book is that she includes a personal essay in each section. I love that! It’s like blogging in print.

3. Cologne’s Got Style – Lena Terlutter & Henriette Frädrich
I’ve been following Lena Terlutter on Instagram for quite some time now. She can easily pair a Chanel handbag with a mini skirt and white Addidas and look effortlessly chic. Her book is available starting November 2nd. I’m not sure when it will be available in the States, but I’m hoping very soon.

4. The New Bohemians – Justina Blakeney
I’m really looking forward to Justina’s new book. I’ve a huge fan of her blog and her expertise in bohemian style is unmatched. I know it’s going to be visually stunning, how could it not with blogger/photographer DABITO behind the lens? 12 DIY projects created by Justina and insight into achieving this aesthetic will be included. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little bit longer for this one. The release date is April 2015, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon.

Hooray for bloggers! It’s so refreshing and inspiring to see so many bloggers becoming authors.

Island Time Fragrances Giveaway

via Island Time Fragrances

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so I wanted to share this awesome Giveaway from Island Time Fragrances. I absolutely love these handmade soy candles. They’re so fragrant and will fill your entire home with aromas inspired by the Caribbean.
Just follow the rules below to be entered to win a Mother’s Day Unconditional candle. Hurry, the contest ends May 2nd. Good luck!
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