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I’m a bit of a nomad. I move around a lot, so much that I’m sure it worries my family. Whether it’s to a new city or new apartment, I love a new adventure and a fresh start. It might be the designer in me, in that I get bored with my space after a while and I live to create a new design scheme that inspires me even more than the last. Well, it has happened again. I’m moving! But, I have decided this is my last move, before I settle down, purchase a home and finally put down roots. Well, unless I land a job in Paris or Berlin, and then all bets are off the table! But, this is going to be fun. A new flat, new furniture and a new look. Yippee!
Check out my new digs. It’s still under construction but it’s looking pretty good! I’m beyond excited about the barn door. I like the raw, unfinished look, but wouldn’t adding leather strips to cover it like this door here be awesome?
With apartment living in Texas, unfortunately you don’t have control over the paint color scheme. If I could have my way, I would paint the entire space BM 2121-70 Chantilly Lace, but the reality is really not that bad. I like the Agreeable Gray, it’s bright and neutral and still should complement my furniture ideas. Once I’m in the space, and can view the light at different times of the day, a Benjamin Moore white may still end up on the walls. Shhh, don’t tell!

I will be purging a lot! I actually like the process of moving. It’s an opportunity to get rid of all the unneeded junk, paper, clothing and random things that pile up over time. My ultimate goal is to only live with what I really need and for the placement of my decor to look intentional, and not haphazardly decorated. Here are a few spaces that are inspiring my decor.
Source: Interior 1, Interior 2, Interior 3

Next week I’ll be sharing my design plan for this new space. I’m still tweaking it, and searching for the perfect pieces. I want to invest in great designs that I’ll have for a long, long time. If you come across anything amazing, vintage, modern, boho chic, graphic prints, art…please share! Send me a pin or comment below. I’m on the hunt! Xo

How to Style a Kitchen in a Rental Space

Let’s be honest, kitchens in rentals can be frustrating. You have no say in the cabinetry or the types of appliances. If you’re lucky, you may end up with a good wall color, but typically it’s your standard white. Well not to worry, rental kitchens are not your enemy. There are ways to dress them up and add your personal touch. Here’s a few tips on how I dressed up my own kitchen and made it my own.

A rental kitchen is your chance to try something outside of the box. Choose a theme, a vibrant color or even a bold pattern. You want to draw the eye away from the standard fixtures and furnishings. I chose a Parisian theme for my own. Let your imagination go wild!
Flowers breathe new life into an interior, so use them to liven up the kitchen as well. Herbs, air plants or cut flowers are great for window ledges and countertops.
Painting the walls was not an option in my own space, because it would require painting it back white before I move. Instead, add a pop of color to a pantry door or the backsplash. It’s a smaller area and will be easier to paint over. I wanted my kitchen to be fun and whimsical so I chose chalkboard paint.  Chalkboards in the kitchen are great for recipes, grocery lists or even just a fun sketch. It also keeps little hands very busy. My goddaughter’s love it!
Instead of a small kitchen mat, use a runner to cover more surface area. It’s another way to add instant color and pattern. Lastly, an easy touch of color is with fruits and veggies. Oranges, lemons and avocados look great on display.
Rust-Oleum Specialty Specialty 29-oz. Tintable Chalkboard Paint – Periwinkle Home Depot
Olin Black 2’x6′ Runner $49.95 Crate and Barrel
4×6 Postcards from Paris $12.00 TheParisPrintShop
Mix It Up Dishtowel $4.95 Crate and Barrel
[similar] Petal Hook $10.00 Anthropologie

Old Bed, New Bed: Part #2

Back in January, I posted about my bed DIY makeover. I refinished my dark wood sleigh bed, and had the headboard reupholstered. I was amazed at how well it turned out. With just a little paint and fabric, I had a new bed for half the cost! Well I’ve finally completed my bedroom, and I wanted to share it with you all. Now that this process is over, I really understand how important it is to have a place in your home where you can truly relax. I can hardly drag myself out of my bedroom now!

Okay, here goes… [drumroll]

So what do you guys think? Please share!
By the way, I just completed Justina Blakeney’s E-course, Interior Styling: The Fundamentals to Styling Your Space like a Pro. The two week course was AWESOME! It was a good refresher on the principles of interior styling, and I learned a ton of new techniques and tips too. Hopefully Justina will repeat the course soon, and if she does, you should definitely sign up!
Have a great week!
hugs ‘n kisses

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