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Back in February, I saw a doorknob that changed my life. Ok, it didn’t really, but it did inspire me to write this, and to think more about historic decorative hardware. This one must have so many stories (and bacteria we don’t want to know about), being that it’s in the criminal court building in Manhattan. Ah, if this doorknob could talk…

Women’s bathroom, 100 Centre Street, New York City

I have heard, more than once, that old hardware is a huge pain to install in new doors. It makes sense, since some have many working parts. But don’t worry, there’s a multitude of beautiful reproductions available. Maybe you’re renovating a craftsman style home, or you’re the more modern-but-on-a-budget type – the right hardware is out there. There is even a non-profit dedicated and “devoted to the study and preservation of ornamental hardware”, if you want to get really serious about doorknob styles. Check it out here. After perusing their website I realized: what I am posting below is just barely scratching the surface…  (enjoy it regardless!)  

Some of my favorites:

Inspired by 17th & 18th century France, several finishes available
Paris Passage Set

Classic Porcelain, great for any look
Rosettes are available in a variety of finishes

A Mid-Century Statement
Samba Exterior Door Set 

Beautifully done, in two finishes
 the Art Nouveau knob  

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