DIY Fun: Gilded Candle Holders

I came across this fun DIY project from one of my favorite blogs chevrons & eclairs. It was so easy! What a great way to add some pizzazz to clear votives. Check out my end result after the post.

live to create : gilded candle holders

Happy Monday, friends! I thought I would start the week with a big bang and give you a fun DIY post. 
It has been too long since I’ve given you any crafting projects, so here it is. I am excited about this week 
because of The Art to Inspiration Project launch [if you’re interested, just comment below], and also 
excited for next week as I’m dedicating the blog to lots of fun things for Valentines Day!
* * *
After seeing these, I wanted to get my hands on something gilded. It makes me feel glamorous and what better way than to make it myself? I have so many glass candle holders and other votives laying around my home. It doesn’t hurt to try it out. It came out perfectly! Have you gilded anything? Please share if you have any gilded tutorials.
You will need: Ziploc bag[s] or plastic bag[s], masking tape, gold metallic spray paint that can be used on indoor products, and your candle holders. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use holders, you can use other things.
{1} Make sure the holder is clean and dust free. If you don’t clean, the gold paint will not go on smoothly. 
{2} Run the tape according to your desired style/pattern. 
{3} Wrap the entire area that you don’t want gold with plastic and run tape along the edges of the plastic.
{1} Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Layout old newspapers.
{2} To remove the stickers, use Goo-Gone, can be found at your local hardware store. 
{3} For me, I wanted the bottoms to be gilded, so I placed the holders upside down. 
{4} Make sure you do 2-3 coats to get an even coat. 
And voila! You can use them anywhere around
the house. I placed candles in these, and will eventually
use them to place my baubles and make up.
Place some pens, pencils and hi-lighters in your
office. I would probably love giving these things
away as party favors after a girls night filled with 
a candle, bath salts and lavender oil. I might end 
up gilding everything in my house actually…
Just thought you might be interested,
Camille Styles’ has a great gilded business card
idea here!
Or you can try this gilded bauble plate!
Remember, if you have gilded something or plan
on it in the near future, share with us here.
Would love to see what you have thought of.


*Drumroll* Here’s how mine turned out! Instead, I used Gloss Enamels Metallic Paint in Glorious Gold 
to give it a more brushed look. I think I’ll definitely go with the metallic spray paint next time for 
a more professional look. If you try this DIY project, please send pics. I’d love to see how yours turned out.

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