DIY: Wall Vignettes

Lately, my Pinterest timeline has been filled with lovely wall vignettes and I’ve been pinning away like crazy! Check out my inspiration board here. I have tons of art at home but have yet to hang anything so I decided to tackle a wall vignette in my own space. Turns out, it takes a little bit more planning than I thought. I’ll walk you through my steps and hopefully it will save you time in creating your own.

Here lies the problem. An empty wall. How drab and boring! I thought of adding a large piece of art but decided to go with a photo collage vignette because it gives me a chance to show off more pieces of art and photography. Vignettes also add more pizzazz to a space, it sort of livens up the wall. It’s also a chance to show your personality. Choose pieces that reflect you.

Step #1 – Choosing the Art
Oh my, I did not realize how much art I had. Wow! This became a very difficult decision. I decided to go with white and gold frames because I want to brighten up the room. I also wanted to add some sentimental pieces so I framed a few cards I received from friends when I moved from New York City to Dallas.

Step #2 – Arranging the Art
I suggest arranging the art on the floor. Play around with the layout until you find a look you’re happy with. Have fun with it!

Step #3 – Update your Frames & Art
I decided to go with a white and gold color scheme but I had tons of perfectly good dark wood frames. So I used some gold metallic paint to update the frames and this Mayan Calendar plaque I purchased in Mexico. Don’t run out and purchase all new frames, with a little paint you can easily update the ones you have.

Step #4 – Hanging the Art
I measured the width of my sofa, came in 10 inches on both sides and made a mark on the wall. This mark will be the edge of the collage. Next, I found this great tip from Somewhat Simple. Add a dab of toothpaste to the back of the frame where the nails would go. Press it to the wall and that will mark where you need to hammer your nail. Oh my gosh this tip made the whole process a breeze!

Here’s the final product! I think it came out great! It totally brightens up the room and added some much needed pizzazz to my space. Now it’s motivated me to refinish my dark wood side tables. Next up…a DIY on painting laminates. Stay tuned!

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