Don’t Underestimate the LACK !

You may see it as a sad, $8 stand-in for your dream side table, but this piece can be used over and over again. Have a look at the images, hacks, and my own use of the LACK. You might agree that this ubiquitous IKEA product deserves more credit than it gets; and should maybe even get a new name. Neutrals, faux-woods, as well as poppy new colors are available; there’s no way you couldn’t want one … or two!

Look-for-Less Lacquer
The glossy colors available in the LACK side table are not to be missed.  
They jump up to $12.99 in this finish, but it’s well worth the extra five bucks. 
A Multi-Purpose Kids’ Table
A great kids’ table for meals and art projects 
(I adore it, especially with those mini Berts I got a deal on, at One King’s Lane).
It also works perfectly to lift the dollhouse off of the floor; a perfect height for a small child to play.
A Stacked LACK Hack
Such a good idea! Use two to create a totally new piece.
This turns a typical LACK side table into a more useful bedside table,
due to it’s new height and additional storage.
A two-toned version would be great if the colors worked in the room.
 O’verlays Super Chic Symmetry
Fool everyone when you add O’verlays, they won’t ever believe it’s a table from IKEA. 
It adds about $60 to the cost of one LACK (to create the one pictured above.)
Imagine this fretwork on one of those high-gloss teals?! Amazing.
Check out even MORE great ‘hacks’ here!  The possibilities are endless.
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