Fall Decor: Crate & Barrel is Bringin’ Sexy Back


When I think of Crate and Barrel, I don’t necessarily think sexy. That is, until last week. Have you been to one of the stores lately? I was glad to find the perfect vessel for my current project, but was thrilled to find a lot of dark stained woods, leather, brass (polished and brushed), and a lot of unexpected luxe.

The Zander 8-Drawer Dresser
A dresser that could be used as a media console or credenza as well. Brushed brass hardware, a little Gaudí, some mid-century, this one is a ‘contemporary stunner’ indeed.

Milo Classic Lounge Chair

Originally designed by Milo Baughman in 1966.  Amazing, chic, manly, comfy. This chair even smells good. (One would hope, at nearly $3000 each.)
Tip: The guys at Fresh Kills in Williamsburg, Brooklyn are huge fans of the designer and occasionally have originals on hand, direct from Thayer Coggin.
Lucida Side Table
I love the dodecahedronic shape of this side table, but even more, I love the brushed brass. It’s a great accent table, or perhaps, an extra thing-to-sit-on when entertaining. In NYC, where square footage is sacred, some pieces need to serve not one, but two (or more) purposes. This would be one of those pieces.

Libations Bar Cart
I’ve had my eye on this since it was introduced a couple of years ago. If you like Paul McCobb’s style, you’ll love this. Kevin Sharkey received this cart as a birthday gift from Alexis Stewart, which seals the deal as far as taste-worthiness. And nothing says sexy like a great bar cart! I just hope it’s still available when I find the perfect spot for it. Cheers!

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