Home Tour: Designer Damien Bàsh

Damien Bàsh describes his Dallas residence as his sanctuary. The minimalist style with clean, white walls and warm, gray wood floors offers a serene escape from the busy downtown streets.

It’s carefully curated to display his collections and art, blending them so that no one object overpowers the next. “I respect art very much,” he says. “When I place artwork I examine the placement until it feels right and respectful.”


There’s a wonderful balance existing in his space where a modern Andree Putman Lune floor lamp and Victorian era antique horns can co-exist. “If you choose a good design it does not matter what period it was created,” says Bàsh. “Somehow the elements will speak to each other.”

A two month renovation, which included a complete demo of the kitchen and bathroom, transformed an outdated interior into a space that reflects his amazing style. The attention to detail and the intention in the placement of each piece is breathtaking.

Photos courtesy of Damien Bàsh

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