Never Enough Navy


When it comes to color, I love a little pop of brightness no matter what.  But there has always been something about navy blue.  Is it because I love a good pair of jeans?  Or that I love the way it looks with brass fixtures?  Maybe because I’m a Yankees fan? (though I’m actually not). Whatever the reason, I will never grow tired of classic navy.  And if something is my favorite, do I really need a reason?

The combo of mint and navy is even better with that knob! 
via Pinterest 
A great looking piece from Room & Board with indigo fabric + walnut legs.
I would love to see these with lacquered kitchen cabinets and brass hardware.
1930s pendant from Rejuvenation

I didn’t act quick enough to design my bedroom around a pair of these…
Sadly, they’re no longer available at CB2.
Today I ran out the door thinking I was too monochromatic, in my navy t-shirt & jeans. 
But one of these, with a white t-shirt instead? Next time. From Rag & Bone
 Any outfit, any day or night.  
Navy leather + brass from Coach 

The end. 

Have a great week ! 

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