Transitioning to Fall with a Few Storage Upgrades


The Bedroom: California Closet

When sweater weather sets in, I’m a bit torn. On one hand, I am very excited to bust out my mom’s handmade knits, my Fiorentini + Bakers, and my amazing, huge down comforter. On the other hand, I know I will be lacking the space for all this cozy stuff, once I start unloading it.

A few months, ago I had a consultation with California Closets. I am so ready for this closet makeover, and I should just make it happen before the holidays. I will finally have room for every thing, every season !

photo via my dream. also on Pinterest

The Dining Room: Dinnerware & Wine Storage

Cooler weather, to me, also means comfort food & holiday dinners at home. I absolutely adore the fall and winter holidays, and I love cooking and entertaining. My tiny little dining room is slowly starting to show that. Just a few additions will bring it to the level I need for the upcoming seasons.

Acrylic wine holder via Gus* Modern

Since it is a small room, no console or buffet tables (that I like) will fit in the space I have. But I still want one, which is why I’ll be turning a tall / skinny shelf into a console / buffet. (More details on this DIY to come.) It’s finished size will be typical buffet height at 36″, by 10″deep & 72″ wide. Occasional glassware, ice buckets and cloth napkins will fit perfectly in those 5 little nooks! 

The Kitchen / Living Room: Built-In Shelving
This idea is more of a custom millwork job, and less likely to happen quickly. But I can still collect inspiration, right? This would be great, since I have many cookbooks and more than a few countertop appliances. And kids toys? Lots of those too, and I’d rather put them behind closed doors. But with easy access for the tot, of course.
Now I just have to design this multi-purpose-storage-dream, and hire someone to build it (oh, and come up with a couple grand, I assume). Realistically, this one might be more of a “Spring to Summer ’14 Transition”.

so, for now, let’s just enjoy the fall… 
A few of my favorites: 
photos: 1 / 2 / 3

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